Stop Spending Your Time Judging Those That Do The Work

For the first say 9 or 10 years I truly believed that there was a lot of solidarity within the indigenous rights movement. Maybe I was young, naive, but boy was I wrong.

Once you’re on to something, or in a leadership role, I’ve learned that there are toxic people and haters out there who like nothing more than seeing you be discredited, fall down, or like nothing more than to chop off the legs from under you.

So, sometimes we are our own worst enemies and you have to be brave to stay your course, because these people will try to knock you down.

Believe me, over the years I have taken a lot of punches, been insulted a thousand times, accused of being a CIA agent, an agent of genocide.

People will do and say nasty things, and its hard to stomach everything, especially when you’re all by yourself defending your role, position, or conviction.

And negativity leads to judgement.

“Maluku is in Indonesia, so Ghazali is from Asia not the Pacific”, “Ghazali is not from the Pacific”, man are people quick to judge others, based on their own false narratives.

That’s why I always keep pushing for more context. You don’t know where I’m from. You don’t know the context of Maluku, we were there before Indonesia. You don’t know me, do you think my grandparents chose to live in the Netherlands?

People spend so much time on judging others based on their own “truths”.

Please, check your narrative before you judge others, most of the times your narrative is false when you start to judge others.

This is what I had to go through in less than a decade. I can’t imagine what my mom had to go through in a lifetime. And she’s heard it all, seen it all, experienced it all.

Maybe its because I have her DNA that I chose not to crumble. Now I’m stronger than ever, and I promise you if I can come out stronger from judgement and negativity, so can you.

Here’s something I wish I knew back then, because they would’ve made things so much easier. Then again, if I hadn’t have all these set backs in the first place, I wouldn’t have gone through this process of self-awareness.

Toxicity, judgement, hate and negativity are signs of weakness.

When people judge you or say negative things to you or about you, its because you triggered something in them that made them feel weak and insecure, and people tend to project their own inability or insecurity on you.

How to best deal with this?

I naturally have empathy for weak people, so when I hear or see someone say something negative about me, I deploy empathy in my mind, and tell myself not to take it personal.

Don’t get me wrong, there are also a lot of good people in the movement, that actually do the work, I don’t know all of them but the ones that I do know are not only my friends but I consider them as my extended family.


Indigenous | Maluku | Idealist

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